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Information and data collection strives to provide insight into performance (metrics), regional economic health (data), and trend line information/data that shapes strategy or anticipates impactful change to the regional community/economy.  The information provides the content for a forum for discussion, for community conversations that can anticipate change and lead to shifts in priorities, new tactics, and new capacities resulting in superior strategic effort and workable metrics that guide actions and challenge the work of the New North organizations and businesses.

The New North Business Intelligence Committee was formed to explore data insights and help identify trends that may point to future opportunities or disruptions, which should be considered in making strategic decisions for future growth and competitiveness.  The articles included in the IntelBriefs section here, explore future implications in a number of areas to consider as you chart your future direction for your business or organization.  Additional survey results and reports generated from the Business Intelligence Council can be found HERE.   

MIT Living Wage Calculator - August 2021

National Association of Manufacturers - Monday Economic Outlook - 7-12-21

St. Norbert College College 2021 State of the Economy - Where have we been and what are the challenges ahead? 

Department of Revenue Economic Intel Presentation - December 9, 2020 

Wisconsin's Recovery from the COVID Contraction - St. Norbert Economic Intel Presentation

New North IntelBriefs features articles & blogs by New North Business Intelligence Committee members and other guest contributors on data and trends happening that point to strategy consideration for future competitiveness. 

Check out articles on trends, disruptions, digital transformation, and important news to help inform your strategy decision making,

Video Playback of the Business & Community Development Training Camp featuring St. Norbert College's Economist Marc Schaffer on Scenario Trends in COVID -19 Recovery efforts and what that means for our economy and future.