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CONNECTING MANUFACTURERS WITH THE FUTURE:  How 5G is Transforming the Manufacturing Landscape

2020 Manufacturing Institute Study

Tax Increases Cause Major Job Losses, Harm U.S. Economy 

A Summary of the Study Findings in “Dynamic Estimates of the Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Rate Increases and Other Tax Policy Changes”

National Association of Manufacturers Study: April 2021 -

Championing Digital Transformation: Start with 8 Steps - BY GERARD TABOADA 

  • Change management capabilities make or break digital transformation
  • A great digital transformation strategy builds employee advocacy
  • Make the most of agile methods

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April 2021

10 Technologies That Will Disrupt Businesses in 2021

By Paul Heltzel - CIO Magazine Article

From AI to serverless computing, these 10 disruptive technologies and trends are transforming the business landscape in the wake of the pandemic and beyond.


 By Gita Gopinath - International Monetary Fund Blog - Insights & Analysis on Economics & Finance

It is one year into the COVID-19 pandemic and the global community still confronts extreme social and economic strain as the human toll rises and millions remain unemployed. Yet, even with high uncertainty about the path of the pandemic, a way out of this health and economic crisis is increasingly visible.